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Hi, I'm Kevin Lowe, the Founder of Better Days Travel, a travel agency rooted by faith and inspired by life itself. I am a follower of Jesus, a lover of people. I love to laugh, hate to cry. I crave new experiences yet love the comfort of home. I appreciate every day and every night, even the bad ones as it helps me to appreciate the good ones. I choose to see the positive in situations as well as the good in people. I love the magnificence of the morning sunrise, but even more so appreciate its signal that a new day has begun.


But there was a day and time when I did not appreciate the morning rays of sunlight, as there was no sunlight for me to see. I craved the opportunity for a new beginning, for a miracle, healing, but it never came, not even with the rising sun. You must understand that right where my story stops is in fact, right where it begins!


In 2003 my life was forever changed. Waking from a surgery that saved my life by removing a recently discovered brain tumor would prove to be at a cost no one ever expected. I was left completely blind in both eyes. No shapes, no shadows, no light, no dark, just black.


When the words were whispered from my lips that I could not see anything the world quit spinning. It was not supposed to happen like this. I was having surgery to save my life, to better my life, not this. But in fact, it was this, I was blind.


But perhaps I was wrong. Perhaps all along, from the time I was born, it was in God’s plan for this to happen, for me to become blind. Throughout my childhood, God’s hands were at work, constantly working, continually molding me into a person who could handle it. He made me the person I am because he knew that I would fight through the sadness, wipe away the tears, and do it all by giving him all the glory. He knew that I would be a better man, serving a greater purpose in this life without my sight than with it.


And that is why today, “I walk by faith, not by sight”. I am guided through life by the blessings I have, not forsaken by the trials I have faced. God blessed me with the ability to recognize that the world’s beauty goes far deeper than just what the eye can see. I love to meet new people, discover new cultures not based on what someone looks like, but based on who they are. I love to visit new places, try new things, taste new foods, experience new adventures, and do it all by harnessing the power of the senses I do have. At the end of the day, I sometimes feel as though I see more of the world than those with perfect vision.


I would love to show you how I see the world by creating a once-in-a-lifetime vacation designed specifically for your own unique characteristics and dreams… A luxurious bucket list vacation comprised of individual moments of intense feelings, unforgettable aromas, breathtakingly beautiful views, soul-soothing sounds, and electrifying tastes.


If each day matters, and every second counts, why choose to not make this moment monumental? I encourage you to take hold of this very moment and realize what your dreams really are. And if anywhere in those dreams lies a desire to get out and experience this beautiful world I encourage you to contact me, so that we can work to make those dreams reality. Or if still wanting to learn more about the service I am here to provide, please take a look at our services page. 

the past molds us

our future inspires us

The Present Defines us

And in order to understand us, you must know us.

At first glance, we are a travel agency specializing in personalized luxury travel arrangements, but in fact, we are much more than

that. Better Days Travel is the creative solution to our founder, Kevin Lowe’s, desire to combine his love of experiencing

the world with his passion for inspiring others to live out their dreams. In essence, we are a place of

luxurious indulgences, unforgettable memories, and life-changing experiences.


Every day is a new opportunity to have your dreams come true

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