We travel not to escape life but for life not to escape us

When the ordinary is too routine, and the usual is too mundane somewhere inside each one of us lies a place that thirsts for something more. It is this untamed desire that we tap into when creating your Trip-of-a-Lifetime.

Created by expertly pairing your dreams and fantasies with the wonders of the world this

is a trip that is designed to be an experience from start to finish. 

Think exhilarating meets luxurious. Think of the impossible made possible. Now stop, don’t blink, or you may miss the opportunity! Once-In-A-Lifetime experiences can occur in the blink of an eye


We are here to elevate the entire vacation experience

  • We offer unparalleled service, always insuring that you receive the absolute best value for your time and money.

  • We strive to take the ordinary to extraordinary by utilizing premier benefits only accessible through our preferred partners.

  • We use our experience and expertise to your advantage. We view every trip from the big-picture, being certain you are traveling to the best suited destination and at the right time of year, but we also narrow down our focus, being certain that life-changing experiences will present themselves at every turn.

If you feel like you are ready to begin living out your life by getting out and experiencing the very best that this world has to offer, we encourage you to schedule a time for us to talk

This world is too vast, and this life is too short to not take advantage of every moment. 



When words fail, Africa will speak! Watch with wonder in your eyes at the sight of a pack of lions sleeping in the tall grasses. Be amazed at the magnificence of the elephants bathing in the water. Feel the thunder in your chest as herds of wildebeests and zebras follow the path of the Great Migration. Gaze in wonder at the night’s sky blanketed in countless numbers of twinkling stars. Experience the feeling of discovering something you never knew existed, but now realize you can’t live without.



The Land of Fire and Ice is amazingly stunning with its contrasting landscape of active volcanoes, hot geothermal soaking pools, and icy blue glaciers. The opportunities are abounding for one to experience all that Iceland has to offer. From snowmobiling to dogsledding. From world-class restaurants to luxurious spas. Iceland is a land that beckons you to experience its magnificence.



Quite possibly the most sought after ‘Bucket List’ destination is the Land Down Under. From the iconic view of the Sydney Harbor Bridge and Opera House to the remote landscape of the Australian Outback you will be left in disbelief that such a place really exists.

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A favorite guest of ours offers a glimpse into a trip that had

been at the top of his bucket list

"We had a wonderful time in Alaska. Our Princess cruise was great, although the food was way to good and we ate a bit too much. We especially enjoyed eating in the buffet and watching the shorelines and sea through the windows. We found a bit of gold during the mine excursion in Juneau, fulfilling a personal bucket list item to pan for gold. I even got to judge the Coral Princess cocktail contest, but I will save that story for another time !"

"After our cruise ended, our time in Seattle was great. The four of us saw the Fish Market fish toss, the Space Needle and the gum wall. "

"I want to thank you for helping us arrange an Alaska land and sea cruise that was truly an adventure and helping us get to Washington to extend the vacation. We had many more adventures and experiences than may be recited here, but best of all are the memories and stronger friendship we share.” Walter