A family vacation like no other 

Made for everyone, yet designed specifically for you, this is more than a vacation. This is time away from home, away from work and school, and all the other stresses that a family must deal with on a regular basis. This is your family just how they should be… smiling and laughing. Playing and joking with one another. Reminiscing on

the past while making memories for the future.

This is more than a vacation, this is a moment in time where family members can reconnect with one another, grandparents can

watch as their grandchildren run and play, adults can relax, and children can never stop. This is more than a vacation, more than

a family get together, this is an action-packed, fun-filled, memory-making experience that will

lead to stories shared over Thanksgiving dinner for years to come.

Let’s begin planning a trip for your entire family, right now, before the kids are grown up and moved away. Time

doesn’t stop, so take advantage of this very moment by getting in touch

Still not sure if a trip like this is for you and your family? 

Here are a few trips that have been extremely popular for other families, perhaps

one of these might be just right for your family too.



Experience the raw natural beauty that is Alaska! This is the kind of place that makes you come away with a greater appreciation for the wonders of the world. We’re talking about ice crackling glaciers, soaring bald eagles, playful otters, and massive moose! Alaska is like nowhere else on earth!



A trip throughout Europe is amazing in of itself, but to do so with the aid of a private guide and experiences not able to be accessed by the general public will elevate a European vacation to the next level.



When the whole goal is to just get away, there couldn’t be a much better fit than an all-inclusive resort. It’s fun for the entire family, with activities for all ages. And the best part? It’s all included! That means no worrying about where to go or what to do or how much it is all going to cost. It is all right there, ready and waiting for each member of your family to pick and choose whatever they want.

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Family vacations come in all shapes and sizes 

Like these ladies who decided to leave the guys at home and just the girls set off on a European adventure…

"Fulfilling a long-time pact made between best friends to visit Europe for our 50th birthdays my best friend worked with Kevin to create what would be my surprise birthday present – a trip to Europe! It was nothing short of a whirlwind dream come true! Traveling with my best friend and each of our daughters we got to experience a taste of 4 different countries in 10 days (London, Paris, Lucerne, Venice, Florence, and Rome) while getting to meet such wonderful people from all over the world on our tour group. Our travel guide was so knowledgeable and experienced. We learned so much history about each place while having free time to explore and live like locals. Though every place was unforgettable for different reasons, one of my favorite moments was being above the clouds and hiking up Stanserhorn mountain in Switzerland. We got breathtakingly beautiful photos that we will cherish forever. We can’t thank Kevin enough for making this dream trip come true." Jean