The Lowe Down on Life and Travel

Kevin Lowe

Prepare to experience the world from the view of a Luxury Travel Advisor who just so happens to be completely blind. Gifted with the ability to see the world in a way far greater than perfect sight can allow, Kevin Lowe takes his listeners on a journey to discover the very best that the world has to offer . He'll ignite your inner wanderlust while at the same time tugging on your heart strings as he reminds you of the importance to live out your dreams.

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Hi, I’m Kevin Lowe, the owner of Better Days Travel and host of The Lowe Down on Life and Travel podcast. I’m a fun-loving, experience seeking, 30-something trying to make a difference in the world. I am a follower of Jesus, a lover of people. I love to laugh, hate to cry. I crave new experiences yet love the comfort of home. I appreciate every day and every night, even the bad ones as it helps me to appreciate the good ones. I choose to see the positive in situations as well as the good in people. I love the magnificence of the morning sunrise, but even more so appreciate its signal that a new day has begun. Most importantly, I believe in my heart that everything in this life happens for a reason, and a good reason at that.




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