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A Truly Luxurious Train Journey

Rocky Mountaineer is what you get when you combine the majesty of the Canadian Rockies with luxury train travel. Rocky Mountaineer, a luxury train company, aims to provide its guests with the most spectacular and unforgettable travel experiences in the world.

Ranking at the top of many people’s bucket list, these train journeys are packed full of adventure and excitement! Prepare to be surrounded by lush forests, plunging waterfalls, roaring rivers, deep canyons, varied wildlife, pleasant valleys, and endless sky. It’s truly a beauty to be seen.

The time spent aboard their trains is so precious, that they have designed their trips so that each night you get off the train and are transferred to a hotel to sleep. They don’t want to let you miss a single moment of the journey, to have you sleeping while aboard is just not an option.

The Onboard Experience

Prepare to be treated like royalty. You are Rocky Mountaineer’s premier guest, and they strive to treat you as so. You’ll be served champagne toasts, fed absolutely delicious meals, will have your glass of wine-filled, you’ll learn new things from the stories the hosts tell you, and you will fill your mind with memories that will last forever.

What to expect

A once-in-a-lifetime experience: The views have a way of relaxing you, putting you at one with nature. The impressive amount of wildlife will leave you in disbelief. Everyone thinks of Alaska as the place to go for seeing bears, well they haven’t been on one of these train journeys yet or they would rethink that assumption.

A friendly atmosphere: The beautiful mountains, the stories from the hosts, and of course, the food has a way of making everyone lighter and ready to mingle with everyone around. So, don’t be shy. People from all over the world come to experience Rocky Mountaineer. Getting to know those around you is part of the fun. Rocky Mountaineer’s hosts and your fellow travelers will make you feel at ease from the moment you step aboard.

Rocky Mountaineer offers two levels of service: SilverLeaf and GoldLeaf, otherwise referred to as Excellent and Extraordinary.

GoldLeaf Service

This is their premium option, providing you with extra luxuries. You’ll feel the difference through the variety of meal options, the additional amenities, and the topnotch services. You’ll have the pleasure of more room to stretch your legs thanks to the bi-level dome design. You will be closer to the action by way of the extended outdoor viewing platform, allowing for uninterrupted views of the varied wildlife and breathtakingly beautiful landscape. And last but by no means least, a 5-star hotel to spend the night.

Guests in the GoldLeaf travel in 2-story dome cars. On the upper level, one will find their pre-assigned, ultra-comfortable recliner. The bottom deck is set up as the dining room and is connected to the upper level by way of spiral staircases and wheelchair accessible elevators.

SilverLeaf Service:

Be given everything you need and a whole lot more you want. The glass-dome coaches give you a panoramic view of the passing mountains. The windows have more than enough space that lets you take beautiful landscape pictures all through the ride. And although not as large, you too will still have an outdoor viewing platform.

You are served breakfast and lunch in the comfort of your luxurious recliner. And just let me emphasize, the food is to die for! When you take your first bite, your taste buds will be glad you took the trip.

On a final note

Just like life, it’s the journey that makes the difference, not the destination. If you have been left intrigued to learn more about Rocky Mountaineer, I would like to invite you to listen to a interview I had with a member of their team. You can listen here:

Or if you would like to set up a time for us to talk, you can use my simple online calendar to select a day and time that is convenient for you:


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