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Experience It All at A Luxury Dude Ranch

Sometimes in life we have the chance to experience moments that change us, moments that are bigger than us, larger than what we ever thought was possible. That kind of moment that takes your breath away, leaving you feeling so small in comparison. That kind of moment that makes you feel so honored to get to experience it firsthand, like you have been granted with front row tickets to the world’s concert.

It’s a crackling fire, a star-studded sky, a cold breeze, and a warm blanket. It’s a sky so clear you swear you can see the curvature of the globe. It’s the thunder in your chest as your quarter horse gallops next to the edge of the canyon. It’s relaxation so intense you can’t help but think you must be dreaming. It’s what is possible at one of America’s premier luxury dude ranches. Luxury? Dude Ranch? Who would put those words together? Well, I would. If your idea of a dude ranch is some place with dirt and bugs, otherwise known as ‘roughing it’, you will be pleasantly surprised. If you want to live out your childhood dream of being a cowboy in a luxurious way, then you can take a trip to a luxury dude ranch.

Dude ranches in the 21 st century have evolved since the 1880s, when it all started with cattle ranch owners inviting friends to visit their ranches. Later, they decided to start charging a fee for room and board thereby converting their cattle ranches to guest ranches.

Riding horses along a lively, sun-dappled creek side at a dude ranch is one of the most amazing West’s experiences. There are several dude ranches all across the United States that provide you the chance of having a great outdoor trip with some quality family time. You can relax and take a break from stressful life situations when you take a vacation to a dude ranch. Some ranches intentionally leave some electronic gadgets such as TVs, phones, and Wi-Fi out of the equation, so that you can fully unplug and focus on soaking up nature’s raw beauty.

Dude ranches have luxurious accommodations coupled with incredible experiences and opportunities to both enjoy the raw, natural, unspoiled beauty of nature and an opportunity to pamper you and your family. The plethora of both adventurous and self-indulgent activities pair especially well with the mouth-watering cuisine served up against the backdrop of breathtakingly beautiful horizons.

You may be surprised, but there are actually many of these luxury dude ranches located across the United States. Options are great, but it can also make things rather complex and confusing when trying to determine which is the right one for you. For this reason, I have provided you with a list of my top picks for the best dude ranches: The Resort at Paws Up No doubt the resort at Paws Up is one of the best dude ranches out there. Quite popular for the luxury it provides to guests and five-star amenities, the experience of the undiluted beauty of nature is also guaranteed. The 37,000-acre Montana ranch has hundreds of gorgeous Black Angus cows strutting majestically on the Ranch. Here, you can go on trail rides, cattle drives and wilderness adventures. You can also go fly-fishing on the iconic Blackfoot River. You get to sample a lot of delicious foods made by internationally renowned chefs at this haven. The kids are also not left out as there are ATV tours and other fun activities for them. Tanque Verde Ranch Tanque Verde Ranch resort which was given the title of the ‘Best Dude Ranch in Arizona’ by Arizona Republic in 2012 and many other awards. It is one of the oldest guest ranches in America. Best known for its beautiful desert landscapes, luxurious accommodations and unparalleled amenities. This ranch is perfect for relaxation as you enjoy a variety of activities such as horseback riding, mountain biking, fishing, swimming, hiking, and more. There are also supervised children’s programs for kids. You also get to enjoy exquisite culinary experiences and special events at one of the premier dude ranches in America.

Brush Creek Ranch This award-winning all-inclusive guest ranch is the perfect luxury getaway for those who want to immerse themselves in the true spirit of the West with a touch of glamour. Located at Saratoga, Wyoming, Brush Creek Ranch is a highly refined 30,000-acre destination that blends outdoor recreation and experiences while preserving the authentic spirit of the west. There is a vast array of activities for guests to enjoy such as horseback riding, cross country skiing, ice fishing, ice skating, snowmobiling, sledding, snowshoeing and many more.

The Ranch at Rock Creek Located in the historic town of Philipsburg, Montana, The Ranch at Rock Creek is perfect for a luxurious vacation with its unique five-star accommodations, various amenities, exquisite cuisine and lots of guided outdoor activities. Majestically placed underneath Montana’s Big Sky the Ranch is the ideal host for a variety of special events which you can enjoy. There is also something for the little ones, like the fun activities offered as part of the Little Grizzlies Kids Club. They make sure no one is left out on this amazing ranch experience. The Lodge at Blue Sky On this 3500-acre ranch, located near Salt Lake City, Utah, adventure blends perfectly with luxury. You can reconnect with nature as you experience it all… from fishing on pristine private streams to hiking to skiing, you can rest assured there is no boring moment at this exclusive lodge.

Out in God’s Country is where you go to discover who you really are. I encourage you to consider leaving the demands of everyday life… It’s hard to explain just how much you are missing out on by staying within the boundaries of those city limit signs. There’s just something that happens to a person when they finally experience the world like it was meant to be…


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