• Kevin Lowe

Experiencing Jamaica from a Different Point of View

Today I’m serving up my favorite Caribbean cocktail. Made with a combination of a shot of sunshine, a shot of turquoise water, a pinch of sand, and a whole lot of love. This is one cocktail that you never have to worry about having too much of. Grab a seat and let me pour you up a glass of this tropical concoction called Jamaica!

With a landscape best described as a kaleidoscope of color and a people every bit as vibrant, it is no surprise that the island of All Right is one of the most popular islands in the Caribbean. From thrilling adventures to laid back relaxation Jamaica truly has something for everyone.

It won’t take long to realize what your time in Jamaica is going to be like. In fact, you’ll get a pretty good idea as soon as you load into the van taking you from the airport to your resort. With the van bumping and swaying along as your driver cruises up and down the twisty turny 2-lane roads with the Reggae music blasting you start to understand the Jamaicans carefree no worries attitude.

Once at your resort things start to slow down a little… The stresses of traveling all day start to fade away, the tension in your neck and shoulders starts to relax, and you even realize that your body has begun to sway to the sounds of the music. You stop and stare, trying to take it all in as you stand looking out at the gorgeous lagoon-style pool with the breathtakingly beautiful Caribbean Sea in the background. There are people all around you, the Reggae band is playing, but the only thing you can hear is Bob Marley singing over and over again in your head, “Don’t worry ‘bout a thing, ‘cause every little thing gonna be alright”. Welcome to Jamaica!

Listen as I share my own experience traveling to Jamaica where I quickly discovered the life-changing power this island possesses.



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