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Please don't cry... Coming home doesn't have to be that awful

Do you know the absolute worst thing about an incredible vacation? It’s coming home!

There’s a reason why so many of us absolutely crave our next vacation… It’s a break from the normal everyday monotony, it’s fun and exciting, it’s often times over the top luxurious. I mean what’s not to love about that.

But there is a downside to an incredible vacation isn’t there? Of course, the better the trip the worse it is to return home. I realized this on my last trip. The trip wasn’t anything over the top, in fact, it was nothing more than a long weekend getaway spent with family, but none the less it was a vacation. I rarely checked my email, I didn’t even bring my laptop computer, I ate way too many carbs, laughed ‘til I almost cried, slept like a baby, and not one time worried about a thing!

Upon arriving home, I sluffed off my duffle bag, kicked off my shoes, and with a loud exhale of exhaustion said, “I’m home”. Even with the trip as great as it was, I have to admit I was missing the comfort of my own home. I missed my bedroom with my big comfy bed. I missed having the refrigerator stocked with all the things I like. And most of all, I missed my own favorite brand of coffee waiting to be put onto brew.

But then reality sinks in. The house is just as you left it with the sink full of dirty dishes, your bed not made, the laundry not done, and you think to yourself… “And why was I so anxious to come home again?”

I’m going to assume it safe to say I’m not the only one who has ever felt this way. For that reason and to hopefully spare you from an awful homecoming I’ve put together a list of things for you to do both before you leave for vacation and to do as soon as you return home.

Clean before you go

There is nothing worse than coming home to anything less spotless than that luxurious resort you just spent the last week at. It’s going to be bad enough that there’s no concierge desk or room service, so do yourself the favor and at least have your place looking good before you leave. Extra tip: Do you know why we all fall in love with the hotels we stay at? The hotel rooms are not cluttered. Hotel rooms are simplistic in design which emits a very relaxed enjoyable atmosphere. You can do the same by eliminating the clutter that fills your shelves, coffee tables, and closets.

Prep the kitchen

Just as important as going through your refrigerator before you leave, being sure to throw away anything that is going to possibly spoil while you are gone, is to prepare for your return. Most likely, when you get home from your trip you are going to be absolutely exhausted. The worse thing is to be dead beat tired only to realize you have nothing in the house to eat. Do yourself a favor and be sure before you leave to have something that you can fix for a quick easy meal when you get home. A perfect idea is spaghetti… a jar of sauce and a box of pasta thrown together and you are done!

Throw yourself back in the game

This one is easier said than done, but at least give it a try. It’s going to be both physically and emotionally tough when you get home. You’ve just spent the past week sleeping in every morning until 10 A.M. and now your alarm clock is going off at 5:30 A.M. You got used to the relaxing sound of the ocean’s waves lapping on shore, which makes it that much harder to now deal with the sounds of traffic and barking dogs. So, here’s my piece of advice. You’ve got to let yourself surrender to the present and just go with it. It’s very easy to keep that picturesque island escape in the forefront of your mind and resist all that is not it, but you have to, or you are going to drive yourself crazy. My tip here is when you find yourself resisting normal life things like going to work, running errands, cleaning house /make a conscious choice to throw yourself back in the game and give it everything you’ve got!

The fun doesn’t have to be over

For some reason there seems to be this notion that when you return from vacation you’ve got to buckle down, quit playing, and get to work! Sorry, but that’s just ridiculous. I’ve got a way better piece of advice, so stop listening to everyone else and listen to me. Take a moment to think back to your favorite moments during your vacation and then think how you can recreate those moments at home. Some ideas to consider might include signing up for a yoga class, making an appointment at the spa once a month, trying a new restaurant, taking a day trip on the weekend. Bottom line, if it sounds fun then go do it!

Change things up

I know routine can be familiar, safe, and comforting, but let’s face it, it can also be pretty dull and boring at the same time. What makes traveling so intriguing is that it takes us out of our comfort zone, it breaks us out of our routine, and shows us that everything doesn’t have to always be planned to the nth degree. For this reason, I encourage you to try adopting this same way of thinking. How you ask? Well, how about taking a new route to work, turn the radio to a different station, go somewhere different for lunch, put on a crazy pair of socks, try a new perfume, order a different drink at Starbucks. The goal here is to have some fun by keeping it fresh!

Recreate how you felt

My last piece of advice puts a heavy emphasis on the mental game. Do you recall how you felt on vacation? Pretty good I bet. You probably felt at ease, free, like you could just be yourself? Perhaps you felt like the version of yourself that you’d like to be more often – relaxed, peaceful, buzzing, alive. How you are on vacation is typically how you are when at your very best. You let go of all the stuff in life that quite frankly just doesn’t matter. You are in fact, you! But here’s the secret… You don’t have to be on vacation to feel this way. I understand sitting on a beautiful beach sipping frozen concoctions can definitely make this easier, but with a little effort I am here to tell you that you can feel this way all the time. You may just have to stop and let things go that aren’t helping you to be the best version of yourself. What I mean is, if something is stressing you out, then figure out a way to get rid of it or at least change the way you look at the situation. Life is way too short to let it be filled with stress.

Here's the bottom line… Being on vacation is wonderful but being at home should be too. There’s no reason our every day lives can’t be as great as our vacation selves. And hey, if all else fails and you just can’t stand being home, why then give me a call and let’s get you booked on another bucket list vacation! Consider me your “escape plan”.



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