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Should You Go to An All-Inclusive Resort for Your Honeymoon?

Updated: Feb 12

There are a thousand ways to have an enthralling honeymoon, but nothing beats the convenience of an all-inclusive resort – it’s truly the best way. You can kick back, relax, and enjoy your first escape as a married couple with not a worry in sight.

Having every detail taken care of while you enjoy that much-needed-vacation-state-of-mind will definitely do away with any stress and anxiety that you had been feeling.

In addition, you can select a specific all-inclusive resort where all activities, amenities, and ambiance are geared towards a romantic getaway. There are many choices, but one particular brand certainly knows how to impress, Sandals Resorts.

Here are a few more details that will help you decide if an all-inclusive resort is right for you:

1. Opulent, over the top resorts in the world’s most beautiful destinations

The world’s top all-inclusive resorts combine comfort, style, and over the top opulence – a champagne cocktail hour, private plunge pools, Michelin-starred restaurants, and personal watercraft – all in one splendid package.

For instance, Sandals Southcoast located in Jamaica features over-the-water bungalows with butlers to take care of all your needs, a zero-entry pool (the largest in Jamaica), a state of the art spa, poolside service, every room offering magnificent views of a white sand beach and not to mention a stunning lazy river.

But honestly, the over-water bungalows could probably be the highlight of any Sandals Southcoast stay. Jutting 350 feet into the ocean and arranged in a way that simulates a heart-shape, these accommodations are the quintessential romantic hubs.

2. Foodies’ paradise

With an all-inclusive resort, you don’t have to compromise between a stellar accommodation and a culinary scene –it’s not a case of one or the other!

Most all-inclusive resorts make their restaurants or eateries just as stupendous as their rooms, scenery, and service.

Sandals Southcoast is every foodies' dream destination boasting authentic international cuisine. All the food and beverages (including alcoholic drinks) are available, any time, all the time, and all these are part of their impressive all-inclusive package.

There are 9 restaurants offering Caribbean, Italian, Asian, and American fine dining experiences, giving you a culinary adventure throughout your stay.

3. A plethora of activities for everyone’s taste

All-inclusive resorts have a slew of fun activities lined up for their guests where everyone can go out and enjoy any leisure pursuit at any time.

Plus, you’re more likely to find yourself diving into new adventures, trying a variety of activities you’ve never tried before which makes a getaway more fun and memorable.

Whether you want a pampering spa moment or you’re a daredevil willing to try out all sorts of water adventures, you’ll be in for a treat and there will be enough options to cater to all tastes.

Do be sure to consult with your travel advisor before booking just to make sure that the activities included match what you are the most excited about.

4. Convenience

There is just something serene about dodging the usual narrative of nickel-and-diming for every activity or meal you take during your getaway.

Not having to pay cash for every indulgence in a resort guarantees a stress-free stay as far as budgeting goes, especially during your honeymoon when you’re already overwhelmed by endless time spent planning and researching.

Unlike other options, all-inclusive resorts roll the majority of your vacation’s costs into a single upfront fee.

The price tag in all-inclusive resorts is flat and transparent which means you won’t have to worry about being slapped with unexpected costs.

In essence, at an all-inclusive resort, all details are blanketed under one flat rate that covers your room, food, beverages, taxes, tips, entertainment, amenities, and often, a good number of fun activities.

I hope this has helped to clear up any questions you may have had about all-inclusive resorts and has made the choice a bit easier for you – Should you go to an all-inclusive resort for your honeymoon.

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