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The Coolest Bar in the World

I don’t know about you, but for me it’s just one of those days when working is the last possible thing I care to be doing. So, my plan is this… I say we call-in sick, throw our responsibilities out the door, and head to the bar! And I’m not just talking about the local dive bar down the street either. I’m talking about a trip to what is quite possibly the coolest bar in the world!

Welcome to The Pelican Bar!

located off the Southern coast of Jamaica this is one bar where you better be sure your designated driver knows how to operate a boat. Constructed back in 2001 by Floyd Forbs as a cool place for him and his fishing buddies to hangout the bar stands atop a large sand bar in the middle of the sea. Constructed from a combination of driftwood and palm fronds you wouldn’t be too far from the truth to say it looks like a rustic shack, but then again, I don’t think Floyd was shooting to have the bar featured on the cover of Better Homes and Gardens magazine either.

Serving up ice cold bottles of Red Stripe and the day’s fresh catch #FloydsPelicanBar has found a way to attract more than just a couple of fishing buddies. In fact, The Pelican Bar is now a must-see attraction for many of those visiting #Jamaica.

Working with your travel agent they can arrange a day trip to get you from your resort to the Pelican Bar which will involve a drive to either Black River, Treasure Beach, or Parottee Point where boats leave daily making the short ride out to the bar. There are even some resorts that offer their own tours to The Pelican Bar such as #SandalsSouthCoast.

No matter which route you take for getting to the Pelican Bar the experience once there is the same for everyone… There’s no large crowds of tourists, no luxury resorts, no hustle and bustle, just Jamaica in its purist form. It’s that picturesque tropical scene with crystal clear water, clear blue sunny skies, and a tropical breeze that has you wishing you never had to leave.

#ThePelicanBar, built on stilts to avoid the rising tide, is the only thing around as you stand staring out at the beautiful Caribbean Sea. Located on a large sandbar about a mile from shore this is so much more than just a bar, it’s an experience. As you stand wading in the waist deep water with a drink in your hand be sure to keep an eye out for stingrays swimming around or pods of dolphins in the distance. Flocks of pelicans are a common sight seen hanging out as well making it obvious where the bar got its name. Visitors are encouraged to bring along a memento to leave behind like a license plate or business card or if nothing else at least carve your name into the bar’s wooden structure to leave your mark.

For first-time visitors I've put together a few tips to insure a no stress, no worries trip to The Pelican Bar:

1. Be sure to bring cash, no plastic is accepted.

2. I know they may look over-the-top touristy, but a pair of water shoes are perfect for here.

3. If planning to eat have your driver call in your order ahead of time

4. Leave your valuables at the hotel - think of this as a day at the beach.

So, I don’t know that I’m saying you should plan a trip to Jamaica for the sole reason of hanging out at a bar… or maybe that’s exactly what I’m saying… Just remember, even when everything is all wrong in life, everything is ‘All Right’ at The Pelican Bar.



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