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Why a Destination Wedding May Be Perfect for You

Pairing your dream vacation with a once in a lifetime event, a destination wedding can seem like a dream come true. For this reason, this wedding trend has been receiving a surge in attention with more and more engaged couples deciding to tie the knot far away from home. It is truly a personal decision, but with so many couples realizing the advantages to a destination wedding, perhaps you will find it appealing too.

1. Smaller and More Intimate

If you’re already overwhelmed by the thought of compiling a list of your "dearest and nearest" wedding guests, which has your guest count reaching unimaginable numbers, a destination wedding may be your only escape route.

It’s the easiest way to avoid huge crowds of acquaintances, plus eliminates the worry and guilt of making someone mad because they didn’t get an invite.

While some may prefer a traditional church wedding with hundreds of friends and family, an

increasing number appreciate the tranquillity of a small crowd made up of those who matter the most. In essence, a destination wedding is going to effortlessly shrink down your wedding to an intimate and cozy size which will allow for quality time spent with each guest.

2. Your Wedding Celebration Lasts Longer

With a destination wedding, your wedding celebrations will inevitably span over several days, giving you the luxury of not having to squeeze everything into just one day.

This will allow for a lot of fun activities to be lined up for your guests and you’ll also have more time to interact with your family and friends.

In many cases, those people who you don’t get to see nearly enough will be at your wedding, turning it into an epic family reunion of sorts, but of course with only those who are close to your heart. Most importantly, this is going to gift you with the luxury of not having your wedding day turn into an exhausting marathon that has you ready to collapse by day’s end.

3. A Picture-Perfect Backdrop

With the pristine white sand beaches of Mexico, the lush tropical vegetation of Jamaica, or the breathtakingly beautiful sunsets of Hawaii as your backdrop you’re sure to create memories not soon to be forgotten.

Finding yourself in such a pristine setting does offer you options when it comes to your honeymoon. And you thought you couldn’t have a honeymoon if opting for a destination wedding?

Of course not!

The choice is yours… You can choose to simply extend your stay after everyone else has left, transfer to a more romantic and intimate resort, or set off for a completely different destination. It is truly up to you.

4. You Can Still Have the Wedding of Your Dreams

Just because you’re choosing to get married in a setting different from what your childhood dreams may have depicted, doesn’t mean you still can’t have that fairy-tale wedding you’ve been dreaming of.

The resorts have wedding planners that are there to work with you and your travel advisor to ensure your entire wedding is just as you dreamed.

This is going to give way to a much less stressful experience, being able to unload all the stress and overwhelm by taking full advantage of the professional services and experience of the resort’s wedding planner.

Plus, the backdrop is going to be so incredible given the beautiful destination that surely your dreams will have a difficult time competing!

At the end of the day, the only thing that matters is what you want. Traditional wedding, destination wedding, or choosing to elope… The choice is yours. But I must say, the idea of getting married on the sun-soaked sands of Mexico does sound pretty spectacular!

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